My Period Came Four Days Early, Two Weeks After Sex, Spotted For The Morning And Came Normal Afternoon Time. It's Now Been A Month Since Sex, I Feel And Look Kind Of Bloated. Can I Be Pregnant?


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If you got periods on due dates regardless of flow then chances of pregnancy are poor. Normal cycle length is 26-32 days. Few days up or down are considered as normal. During pregnancy, levels of a hormone called progesterone are high and cause pregnancy symptoms. This hormone is also present in high quantities few days before periods and can mislead for pregnancy. In my opinion, you are not pregnant and your periods are about to come. Wait for your periods for few more days and get pregnancy test if no periods.  
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Um excuse me harry m... Are you a liscensed obgyn? Do you have a medical degree at all.... Better yet have ever even been pregnant...? How the heck is a MAN qualify to tell any woman "in his opinion that she is not pregnant." without some kind of mediical degree? Effin men.... Jeeze

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