Glucose Level Is 154, Should I Be On Medicine?


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Glucose levels should be between 80-100.  While 154 is high, you need to ask yourself several questions first.     1.  Did I fast before the test was taken, or just eat 3 chocolate doughnuts?  2.  Is this glucose level the first time it has ever been this high?  3.  Am I overweight?

You need to have your blood sugar tested often, tracked and recorded.  There should be a pattern to this level of glucose in the blood.  If the glucose is always high, then your MD might consider oral medication or insulin injections.
If you are overweight,   start losing weight now!  
Be sure to follow up with your doctor and leave out sweets.
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Go   to  your  doctor    and  have   a fasting  test  done
Called   a   HA1C   And  a  Fasting  blood  sugar
If  them  test   come  back   with  HA1C   any where  from
4  percent  or lower   than  your  okay   also
most   fasting  blood  sugars   should  range  between
80-120  , Some    doctors   use  a   scale  of   70-130
If  your   fasting  blood  sugar  is   154  ,  You  could
be  a   diabetic   And  I  would  recommend  a  mild
diabetes  medication   called   glucophage   which  
will  not   drop  you  fast  but  will  help  control
your   blood  sugars   

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