If I Just Eat One Meal A Day Will I Lose Weight Dramatically?


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Okay first off, I know these comments are old but I just have to say something. This one meal a day this is in no way unhealthy. As long as you eat healthy in that one meal then you are set! Humans do not need to eat six meals or even three meals a day! Our ancestors (the cavemen) aet to survive, not because they just wanted to eat something. They stayed fit because they were constantly on the move, hunting and chasing. We need to learn something from them.

This one meal a day has worked for me a lot. I shed pounds like crazy. I started out at not such a big weigh I will confess that. I was 130lbs exact. In two weeks of the one meal a day I lost 10 lbs. 10lbs! For my height I was overweight at 130. I'm 5'3. Very short and the 130lbs made me look chunky and fat. Being at 120 I started to look right and my body wasnt dissportoned. At this weight I was very happy! But I was so us to doing the one meal a day that I didn't stop and I kept losing weight unatentionally. I now weigh 115 and I do pig out on the weekends but fall back into the same one meal a day over the week. I feel more energetic and I'm not tired at all. I feel like moving instead of sitting down. I have life back into me and it feel great! ^_^ I'm so done with the "Every American is bound to be obese." I wont!!

Please, if anyone is reading this, try it! You will get results. I promise.
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When did you eat your one meal? Lunch...dinner??
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how do i reduce my belly feet?
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I love starving myself, its quite easy in one month I lost about 21 lbs
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I will agree with the others that eating only one meal a day is not the best way to lose weight, but I have to confess that I did do it. I weighed approx. 215 lbs when I finally decided I needed to do something about my BIG butt! I had A LOT of weight to lose. This is not the typical, "Oh… I weigh 110 lbs., but I really want to weigh 100 lbs." If this is the case for you: You weigh so little already, that your body will go into automatic starvation mode. If you have a lot of weight to lose, it might be a good way to "jump start" your discipline. I needed to have that "jump start" to stay motivated.

I only had one meal a day for about 2 weeks. (A grilled chicken breast and a small salad, NO DRESSING) I lost 20 lbs in those first two weeks. Then I did the Scarsdale diet for 2 weeks, and lost about 14 lbs. more. After that I "fell of the wagon" and I had a "pig out" weekend, which resulted in a 6 lbs. weight gain. I got back on track and started doing things the right way. I eat several small meals a day (and snacks) and I walk for an hour everyday… NO EXCUSES. Now that I have reached my goal weight (130 lbs., 5'6"), I do indulge, about once a week, with no repercussions! I look great and feel even better!!!!

Word of CAUTION: For a while at the beginning, when I was not eating healthfully, I lost A LOT of my hair. Fortunately, I had a good amount of hair to start with, so it wasn't too bad, but it still stunk! Vitamins are key, if you are going to be depriving your body of nutrients that it would typically get from the food you eat, you have to supplement it in some way.
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im 16 and i am definatley going to do that diet!!
Thankyou for your help x
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this is not help, eat less and be healthy, your body needs carbs found in fruit
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People eat in horrifyingly unnatural ways in modern times in my opinion. The human body is not designed for a continuous regiment of food. The "6 small meals a day" idea is complete garbage to me. Eat to Live, not Live to Eat. I went from 210lbs to 154lbs over the course of six months eating only one somewhat large meal before I went to sleep, and I've maintained that weight for about a year and a half now. I feel fit, clear headed, and just generally better than I have for most of my life.
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Hey, eating one meal a day is not a healthy diet. If you keep on doing that, you will result your body into starvation. This will affect the other parts of your body.

If want to lose weight, eat regular meals (3 times a day), exercise, and try to catch a proper sleep. This will probably keep you going.

Anyways, good luck and be healthy. Still Health is Wealth!

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The longest-lived and most naturally disease-free people in the world are South American Indians, most of whom are constantly on the brink of starvation, no actual "regular meals a day". I'm not suggesting this is good, just wondering how that squares with your answer.
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P. S. The "miracle weight loss" compounds on your website are completely unsupported by clinical evidence.
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It depends on how many calories are in that 1 meal.

There is no difference between eating 1 meal, 3 meals, 6 meals, or 26 meals a day...

The only thing that matters is the total caloric intake for the day.

Allow me to explain:

In order to maintain your current weight, you need to eat at your maintenance caloric intake (bodyweight x 15) ... For example: 130lb x 15 = 1,950 calories/day.

To lose weight, eat less than this each day.  When your daily deficits total 3,500 calories, you will have burned enough weight to lose 1 pound.

So..technically, you could eat 1 meal that is 2,000 calories as this 130 pound person and NOT lose any weight.

You could also eat 1 meal a day that is 4,000 calories and PUT ON weight.

Then again, you could eat 1 meal a day that is only 500 calories and lose a lot of weight (you should never eat less than 1,200 calories/day as a female or 1,500 as a male).

So yes, you could eat 1 meal a day and lose weight, but how dramatic the weight loss is depends on how large a deficit you create.

Your best bet for long term weightloss is going to be to implement and adhere to a proven weight loss system.

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I wouldn't recommend one meal a day. You need to at least have a good breakfast and lunch. Make sure that you are consuming the appropriate amount of calories and proteins so that your internal organs don't start to suffer. Check out my blog for tips on losing weight.

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OP, you can definitely lose weight with just one meal/day but I would not encourage this!

Eating just 1 meal/day is definitely not healthy and it can create weird eating patterns for you and also change your hunger setpoint randomly. 

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The bad news

No it's not healthy to eat only one meal a day. It's actually very unhealthy. If you are at a healthy body weight then here are some tips to help keep you in shape...

It takes -3500 calories to loose a pound, which means you need to both burn calories by working out & take less calories in by eating in order to loose weight.

Eat fruits & veggies of course. It's typical to eat a small breakfast and a big dinner, but my health teacher said you actually want to do the opposite. And never skip breakfast, it helps you loose weight. I stopped drinking pop and lost 50 pounds in 1 year!! Don't drink juice. You'd think fruit juice is good for you, but it's not. It has alot of sugar and extra calories. People say don't eat carbs not true, 60% of your diet is supposed to be from some type of carbs... Just make sure you eat whole grain or whole wheat bread. And drink only skim milk, all others aren't so great for you. Just watch what you eat and pay attention to nutrition labels!

Make sure you do some weight bearing activities along with cardio , it'll help build muscle and burn fat! If you cant buy a gym membership try going for a walk or run outside, doing jumping jacks, jump rope, running up & down your stairs, lifting weights, doings situps & pushups.. Those are just some ideas that will help!

It's hard to stick to fad diets and many people couldn't do one meal a day because of feeling hungry all of the time. And as mention by others, it can lead to major health problems.

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Yes, but you'll feel hungry all day! Why don't you try eating meat and eggs in 2 meals. Skip breakfast, eat lunch and dinner

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I think it is all about the balance. Finding yours and combining it with healthy food wont harm you. Still, anyone who has similar radical ideas about dieting, consult with a professional first.

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It is clear that the effectiveness of the diet depends on your caloric intake and not on the number of meals. You can both lose and gain weight with one meal a day. However, It can not be healthy for your digestive organs. I can not agree with the argument about cavemen since they mostly lived to be 35 years old.

If you want to lose weight you must follow your own metabolic system. If you are not self-disciplined, and that's why you decided to limit yourself on a meal a day, maybe you should try some healthier program. The one that worked for me is the ONE3ONE diet based on specific needs of my body.

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You will lose the weight but it will not be as fast as you think and after you lose the desired weight the key will to be to keep it off and stay with your one meal a day plan .It will be hard at first maybe you should consider a lite breakfast of fruit and a big diner and you should eat said diner before 7pm and not a thing after 9pm.If you wants to calculate your weight on daily basis you can use this Weight Loss Calculator,it shows the appropriate results.

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I don't think so its not healthy either.At one point I was only having supper and I was still about the same weight and i didnt feel good.I suggest just to eat a little portion on each meal but make sure to eat something that will fill you up in the morning like oatmeal.Also exercise of course will help.I suggest you Home remedies for weight loss through this you get more results about weight loss .

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You may lose weight by eating only one meal per day, but you
have to consult a dietitian before doing so. You may click on the following
link to have more information
about the benefits and risks of going through with that idea:
I have never tried this method to lose weight because my friend told me that it can make me weaker.

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I went on The Zone a few years ago and lost 40 pounds. It's a good diet but you have to be extremely disciplined and plan your meals a few days ahead of time. And it's good idea to have all your veggies cut, protein weighed and portioned out, etc so you can eat without having to do much prep. When you are expected to eat all of that food, you have to plan it so you don't accidentally cheat.
It certainly cut cravings for sugar and stuff, and I still try to eat in "zone diet blocks", but I have moved on to another diet for maintenance and sports performance.

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NO! Eating less is not the answer to loosing weight, unless you totally overeat. It is very bad for you to starve yourself or anything like that, or to not eat when your hungry. You can choose certain foods that are better for you, and exercise certainly is important and will help.

You can track your weight on daily basis through this weight loss calculator app that shows the instant results according to your body mas.

Good Luck!

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I don't think so its not healthy either.At one point I was only having supper and I was still about the same weight and i didnt feel good.I suggest just to eat a little portion on each meal but make sure to eat something that will fill you up in the morning like oatmeal.Also exercise of course will help. I recmonded you Macro calculator android app through this you get more results about Macro calculator .

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No, if you want to loose weight you eat small regular meals and exercise. Also don't eat junk food but if you do only have it on a friday evening for an example. The key is exercise and eat food that fills you up but not with loads of calories
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Don't do it at all , maybe at first you'll loose some weight but it will come back and your body will loose health .
Sports are best way for loosing weight , and do not eat the things witch has much fat . Like chocolate or cakes , ...  And turn your eating meal 6 times a day instead of three ( or one for you ) and breakfast is really important eat it always . And fruits and vegetables are perfect too .
And don't forget to exercise . Without exercise it's so much harder to loose weight .

Good luck
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No! Your body will start to store what it does get once a day and ration it out till your next meal. Also when you do eat your one meal it will dramatically spike your blood sugar levels. Then it will drop again for a whole day till your next meal. This causes the same thing as eating only fast food. Diabetes.

Don't go longer then 3 hours without eating. Eat small meals (very small). And stop drinking calories. Eat lots and lots of fiber, protein and veggies.. And don't cut out carbs. Eat healthy carbs like brown rice and oatmeal.

Exercise every day! Raise your heart rate long enough to sweat at least once a day. Even 10 minutes is better then nothing.It's short and sweet but I hope it helps.
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It is not a good idea to only eat one meal a day. Not only will your body go into starvation mode, since it will attempt to maintain energy rather than lose it, if it thinks there is no food coming in, but your blood sugar within your body will plummet and then after your one meal per day you will find that it soars, then crashes again.

This will give you feelings of hunger and tiredness/lethargy and a general feeling of not being 'on top'.
Moreover, the fact that your body has gone into starvation mode will make your body lose weight less quickly than if you were eating three or four small meals per day.
You may find initially that you lose weight quick;y, but after a few days this will stop when the starvation mode kicks in, so it is a really bad idea and you should instead lose weight by small, regular meals.
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No you are more likely to put it on because your body will feel as if it is being starved so will start to store fat. It is not a good idea to only have one meal a day, have four small ones.

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