What Does The Term 'An Unhealthy Diet' Mean?


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The term 'unhealthy diet' refers to the way what somebody eats can have a negative impact on their fitness and health.

What we eat has a really big effect on the way our body functions, and there are a number of things we should be including in our diet to keep ourselves feeling healthy.

There are also a number of things we should avoid eating too much if we care about our well-being.
An unhealthy diet is a diet that doesn't keep to that balance.

What is an unhealthy diet? An unhealthy diet is simply a diet that isn't balanced.
It means you are either including too many bad things in your diet, or you are not including enough good things.

I used to associate the word 'diet' with people that want to lose weight, but it actually means more than just that.
People that are really skinny can also be accused of having an unhealthy diet.

What makes an unhealthy diet? I find that most things in life are all about balance. If you have too much of anything, it will harm you.
I can guarantee that eating too much of anything will have a toll on your body.

These days, many people (like myself) have suffered with weight issues at some point. Gaining too much weight is usually the sign of an unhealthy diet.

Food is essentially the fuel our body needs to operate, just like gas in a car, but if we fill ourselves up with too much of it, our body goes into overload and all sorts of health problems can occur.

Similarly, if you don't fill a car up with enough gas- it'll stop working. Out body also needs enough fuel (protens, vitamins, sugar, nutrients etc...) to function.

The way i see it, an unhealthy diet means the following:
  • too much fast food
  • too many sweets and refined sugar
  • Not eating enough fruit and vegetables
  • Drinking a lot of cola instead of water
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mahendra kumar answered
An unhealthy diet is one which does not have a proper balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals and of course drinking less amount of water.

The proper balance is relative for each person and depends on factors like one's activity level and heredity. Not only in matters of food but also your daily routine if it is not planned contributes to an unhealthy diet even though you may be eating properly.

Irregular eating hours, overeating, habitually staying up late at night, an abnormal lifestyle comprising sedentary work and no exercise all are part of an unhealthy diet.

Essentially it is important to live life alertly and observe which foods suit one's body better as there is no hard and fast rule about what one should eat and what one should not.

Of course it is always better to follow universal diet rules regarding healthy eating like eating fresh foods rather than processed ones but as far as any recommendation or prohibitions are concerned one would do better to think about long term gains and plan accordingly.

Unhealthy diets generally are those with an emphasis on any one or two of the essential nutrients and a lack of intake of the others.
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wendy K. answered
It probably means you eat things that actually taste good! By their nature, food high in salt and sugar is unhealthy but tastes great.  We normally turn to this food as comfort food or even when we are happy, donuts could be a treat.  IF you have an unhealthy diet, either try to cut back or eat the same, but exercise more!
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Christy Muller answered

An "unhealthy" diet is one that is full of saturated fats/trans fats and other processed foods that are full of chemicals.

If it isn't a natural part of nature, if it doesn't grow from the ground or a tree or it isn't directly from an animal, then it may not be healthy.

A healthy diet will consist of vegetables, lean meats, fruits and nuts.

There are a few other things which are good as well though such as:

-brown rice
-cottage cheese

If you can't pronounce half the ingredients on the back of whatever it is you're eating, chances are its no good.

That's a real dumbed down way to say it, but I think you get the picture.

Keep in mind though that you don't NEED to eat 100% healthy in order to lose weight.  You can still eat cake/pizza/cupcakes and see weekly weight loss if you know what you're doing.

This diet system explains how to do that.

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