What Does Diet Mean?


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The word diet simply refers to the food and drink we consume on a daily basis.

We often use the word 'diet' when we talk about what different animals habitually eat, for example 'the diet of a hippo' would indicate the daily eating habits of a hippo.

These days, we also use the word 'diet' to refer to a dietary regime- an eating program that we adhere to in order to achieve specific health or aesthetic targets.

What does the word diet mean

The word diet comes from the Middle English word "diete" which was taken as was from the Old French. It came to the Old French from the Latin "diaeta" for "way of living" and this was taken in turn from the Greek word "diaita" which meant something like "to live ones life" or "to treat".

Diet can be used to describe a person's regular eating pattern.
A healthy diet is one that is considered to be balanced and nutritious; able to give that person's body all the ingredients it needs to run properly.

A bad diet is one that is unbalanced, and has a negative impact on a person's body.

What does it mean when someone is 'on a diet'
You might often here people telling you that they are 'on a diet'. This is a phrase used to explain that the person in question is paying particular attention, or making specific changes to the way he/she might usually eat.

Anything from 'cutting down on carbohydrates' through to only 'eating turnips' might be considered 'being on a diet'.

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The word diet means the sum, the total or the usual food that is consumed or eaten by a human or an animal. Since it concerns eating it can also refer to something that is regularly provided and enjoyed. In health care terms it can mean the regulation or restricting of what is eaten or consumed with the aim to improve health or appearance.

Though humans eat just about anything the diet of any person depends on his or her cultural background. This makes wide variations in what humans consume, in other words variations in their diets.
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It means having the healthy food and eating less like : Vegetables, fruits,and other light food etc...
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Nutritionists use "diet" to mean all the food you eat. Diet is not just menus for a day or week, but your usual food choices over time.

Many other people use "diet" to describe a plan for weight loss or a specific prescription. To have a good diet, you must have healthy food to eat and proper exercise.
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Dieting is when you take in less calories then your body needs to maintain it's current weight such that your body ends up burning fat (and sometimes muscle) for fuel.

Maintenance = bodyweight in pounds x 15...

A 150 pound person would have a maintenance of = 150 x 15 = 2,250 calories/day.

If this person were to take in less calories then this consistently over time, they would be dieting.

When dieting it is best not to create too large a caloric deficit from this baseline number, the larger the deficit, the more challenging it will be to adhere to for the purposes of weight loss. The key to any 'diet' is to  Find a sustainable diet/exercise system and stick to it.  Results will come with patience and hard work.

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Diet is very necessary to stay fit and healthy.Healthy eating habit is provided byayurveda.We should follow diet plan provided by doctor.

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The amount and type of food and drinks by a human from day to day, more narrowly, So diet planed to meet specific requirement of the individual, including or excluding certain foods.dietary
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Diet is like being healthy, not( quit) eating food that makes you fat. Diet makes you skinny and helps to prevent putting any more weight on.

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