If A Boy Doing Intercourse With A Girl Nd Put His Sperm In The Girl Virgina For One Time Could The Girl Get Pregnant?


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martha answered
Pregnancy can always occur anytime a couple has sex. It does matter if it is the first time or not. It does not matter what position either.
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Karen Mallette answered
Yes the girl can become pregnant,if this actually happend and you two don't want to become parents then she should go to a doctor and get Plan B.Its a pill that prevents pregnacy more then birth control but should only be used if the birth control failed.Plan B helps to temporarily stop the release of an egg from the ovary and prevent fertilization,though she has to take it within 3 days,and yuh I wont keep explaining everything about it cause it'll take to long and just ask your doctor about it..but anyways as I was saying yes she can get pregnant during intercorse if sperm gets in her vagina.
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It depends if shes fertile, which is one or two days after her period,
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Carmen Ewald answered
When the  girl is in her fertile days, yes. Otherwise, nope.
When is a girl fertile? The point is day 14th of the period (counting from the beginning of the last period), span it 3 days before and 3 days after. (Memek ABG)

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