Can A Virgin Get Pregnant?


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It is possible for a virgin to become pregnant after their 'first time' however the chances of this happening are very slim.
During an average cycle, a woman is only fertile for around two days and the life-span of the sperm inside a woman's body is generally only 48 hours. So the chances of a woman becoming pregnant after one sexual encounter can be as low as 5%-12%.
Obviously these odds greatly decrease with the use of protection which (depending on what method you use) can be as low as 0.5%.
It may be beneficial for me to stress that virgin can only run the risk of getting pregnant if their hymen has been broken before or during intercourse. The hymen is like a thin barrier that covers the external vaginal opening, it does not wear down and is present right from birth. It is possible to tell if a woman is a virgin just by examining the hymen however it can be broken or enlarged by the use of tampons or menstrual cups.
A woman, whether she be a virgin or not, stands almost zero chance of getting pregnant without full penetration and ejaculation.

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Just relax. There are a number of myths doing the rounds in different parts of the world, but this one is not one of them that is true in any way. Scientifically, a girl who is a 'virgin' has her hymen, a membrane at the entrance of the vagina, intact. The hymen acts as a protective barrier. For total penetration to happen, the hymen has to be broken.

As long as the hymen is intact, penetration cannot happen fully, and semen cannot get inside. Virginity has a very different connotation in many countries across the world, and I understand where you are coming from. You do not have much to worry, though. As long as your hymen is intact, you are safe. However, if there is a break or a tear in the hymen, and this can happen owing to a number of reasons (such as playing sports, cycling, etc.), not just physical intimacy, then you should be extremely careful.
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I read in a magazine that virgins can get pregnant if the guy had cum on his fingers and then fingers you or if you get it anywhere near or around your vagina because it can drip or slid in. They said its extremely unlikely (like one in a thousand) but it can happen.
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1 in a thousand is lower instance than using a condom being on the pill. In other words, don't count on it.
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Hi I had xxx with my bf but it was just a oral sex we had,this was for the first time,he fingerd me but he did not inserted his dick into ma hole.....he just rubbed it.... Can I be pregnant.....plz reply me....
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Well, if you are a virgin, you can't possibly get pregnant. However, if you have had sex you can get pregnant anytime. And it is not necessary that you bleed when you loose your virginity. So be careful.
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You would be pretty unlucky or lucky depending on the situation, to get pregnant without actual intercourse.  So no if the guy didn't actually penetrate you than I would say your pretty safe.
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If you and your boyfriend make out and he becomes aroused and ejaculates on the outside of your vagina there is a chance of a sperm entering without him actually inserting his sexual organ in your vagina, just on your vagina....the best to you
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But extremely unlikely. Sperms aren't nuclear powered submarines; they're weak, vulnerable, microscopic little tadpoles. They can't stand acidic vaginal mucus, which coats the outer couple of inches of the vagina. For best chance of pregnancy, the guy should push his penis all the way in just as it ejaculates, so the semen is deposited right on the cervix. The farther from this situation, the less likely pregnancy.
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Yes if a guy puts his dick in you and shoots his sperm in you you can still get pregnant
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Here in Canada I heard of a sort of pill called "plan B". It might be the right thing for you guys. The important thing is to be wise and don't do anything uncalled for. Speak to a doctor about safe sex and I guess if you are comfortable enough to talk to your bf about it, you probably can talk to a doctor about it too.
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If she has intercourse. Yes she can.  But you didn't, so I wouldn't worry too much.  You have also had your period after the fact, so your in the clear.  If you want to start having sex, get him to wear protection or if you know he is disease free, go on the pill.
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The only way a virgin can become pregnant with out having intercourse is to have the sperm injected or implanted in her.
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I'm not sure if it counts if your a virgin or not, but surely you only loose your virginity if it was penetrated. However, there is a chance of you getting pregnant. Theres actually a 7% chance you could be pregnant if he comes next to the opening and your naked.
Not a high percentage but it could still happen.
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I think that if you is a virgin then I also think that you can not get pregnant because she has not follow the time that you is not ready to have sex.
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I think its quite possible because I just had the same experience when I robbed my ... On my my girlfriend's's vagina and now she missed her period for about 9 days!

I know it's scary but a pregnancy test will end it ll
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If the hymen were a total barrier, then a virgin girl experiencing her first menses would just begin to swell up until the pressure of the sloughed off layer of her uterus caused too much pressure and ruptured the hymen. But we both know this is not the case. The reason a virgin can have a menstrual cycle is that the hymen (not actually present in 100% of virgins) is naturally perforated by at least one and usually more openings allowing the body to pass fluids out of that orifice. The rupturing of the hymen (if present) is necessary only for a female to qualify as no longer a virgin, if performed by a male sexual organ (as opposed to some foreign object, or excessive exercise). It is QUITE possible (and has occurred on numerous medically recorded occasions) to become pregnant without actually performing the sex act. As pregnancy can occur with the introduction of but a single sperm cell, there is ample passageway for such a thing to occur through the hymen (again, if it's actually present).

Now there are times that the hymen DOES in fact present a true tissue barrier, but as this causes some potential life-threatening conditions as the body is unable to eject sloughed off tissue cells through the vagina, the hymen in these circumstances usually HAS to be at least pierced if not outright removed by a medical professional, and is VERY rare.

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