If A Guy Has Very Little Sperm On His Finger And Then Fingers A Girl, Can She Can Pregnant?


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Penny Kay answered
I suppose their is a remote possibility that if you inserted the finger in the woman, pregnancy could occur, but it is highly unlikely. Sperm is sensitive to temperature and once outside the body loses some of the strength. The conditions for pregnancy to occur are limited by things like temperature, and location and such. So my answer would be no. Please click on the star next to the words RATE THIS ANSWER,SO I WILL  get credit for it thanks...*p
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It's not terribly likely, but it certainly is possible. It doesn't matter how it gets there; if sperm makes it in it can result in a pregnancy.
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Yes if you stick your fingers in yourself or the girl
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She has the same chance of getting pregnant as if you had sex.
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You can possibly get pregnant by anything that might have sperm on it, even if it is not put inside directly just getting near the opening of the vagina it is possible.

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