What Is Frost Bite? Give Its Symptoms And First Aid Treatment.


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Extreme cold temperature can lower the body temperature and can produce two potentially dangerous conditions: one of the most common and dangerous is frostbite. It occurs when intense cold affects the blood supply to extremities such as nose, ears, chin, fingers and toes. This is caused by exposure to severe and prolonged chilling. Superficial frostbite affects the skin only. Deep frostbite affects the tissues underneath. It is usually not possible for a first-aider to distinguish between the two.
Some of the general symptoms of frost bite are listed below:
- Prickling pain and subsequent numbness in affected part is very common amongst most casualties.
- There is a difficulty in moving the affected part.
- Skin is stiff and wax-like or blue.

Now the important point raised here is what should be done in such cases. First action should be move the casualty into a sheltered or warm atmosphere. Then remove clothing and constrictive items such as rings or watches from the affected part. Warm casualty with skin to skin heat transfer; cover affected nose, ears or face with your own hands; tuck affected hands in casualty's armpits; feet in your own armpits.
Get medical help as soon as possible

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