How do I start running to keep fit?


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If you’re new to running and jogging, follow these tips and advice to get fit fast and efficiently.  Aside from buying a decent pair of trainers and some suitable clothing, running is free and readily available, no matter where you live in the world. There’s no need to feel intimidated as everyone starts somewhere, so build up your training gradually and relax and enjoy every run.
Get the right running equipment
The single most important bit of kit you’ll need to start off with are running shoes. Visit a specialist shoe store and take your time with the assistant who will assess your gait. Basically they are looking to see if you have flat feet which may cause you overpronate (feet roll inwards when running) or high arches which may mean you underpronate (feet roll outwards). You can do a footprint test when you step out of the shower – just look at the bathmat. With your footwear chosen you’ll also need to select comfortable clothing which you can layer up. Ladies don’t forget to choose an adequate sports bra as well.
Warm up and cool down exercises 
Always warm up and cool down properly before every training session to prevent muscle fatigue. A good warm up should include light aerobic exercise and cool down should include stretching your legs, arms and back for at least 10 minutes in total.
Beginners weekly running plan
Aim to run every other day for around thirty minutes each session following this plan;
- Week 1 – Walk for 6 min, jog for 1 min, repeat x3
- Week 2 – Walk for 5 min, jog for 2 min, repeat x3
- Week 3 – Walk for 3 min, jog for 4 mins, repeat x4
- Week 4 – Walk for 2 min, jog for 5 mins, repeat x4
- Week 5 – Walk for 3 min, jog for 8 mins, repeat 3 times
- Week 6 – Walk for 2 min, jog for 9 mins, repeat 3 times
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Take it easy and be confident,you are running to keep fit,so just relax yourself. In the beginning you should not run too long or the next day you will feel tired and quit running. Good luck I have keep running for many years and I like listening the MP3 when running.
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Go slow to start with, a slow short jog and get quicker and longer gradually, remember to stetch lots before otherwise you will pull a muscle which you really don't want :D

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