How Can A 17 Year Old Girl Lose Weight Very Fast?


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The best way for anybody and ESPECIALLY young adolescents is to eat healthy and exericise regularly. I know, I've lost 70 pounds. Take a picture of yourself, and pin it to the back of your door. Also weigh yourself and make a chart of how much weight you want to lose in the long run, and how much you want to lose each week. Organise yourself to have a treat (not food related) after you accomplish each week's weight goal. (best to start off with around 2 pounds to start off with), and weigh yourself each week at the same time and record it in your plan!

First is first, cut out any processed foods that are full of sugars and fats. LIke chips, lollies, pizza, deep fried chicken, the fish you get fro the fish n chip shop.

Second, find out what healthy foods you like to eat. Vegetables? Fruits? Nuts? Plain biscuits?

Third, make yourself a meal plan/diary. Once you've found out what you've got to cut out of your diet, and what you like and want to put into your diet, write it all down. Write in what your going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner on everyday, and mix and match what you like. Because your still living at home, go shopping with your mum and ask her to buy you something differet so that she can cook it for you.

Fourth, exercise daily!! If you wake up 20 min before you have to get ready for school and do a quick 10 min skipping rope session, and the run around at school for atleast 10 min, and then come home and do another 10 min of running, or skipping and any other exercise you've just made up your 30 min a day! Every day you HAVE to do a MINIMUM of 30 min a day to lose as much weight as you can! You don't have to exercise everyday, but if you want to lose your weight quicker exercise atleast 6 days a week!
If you want to do more work, then go for a jog, or a brisk walk! Maybe help mum vaccum around the house and that can make up 10 min of your exercise plan! Keep motivate, and allow yourself a treat every week. But make sure its small! Have 1 piece of chocolate instead of a whole candy bar!.
Good work, and just send me a message if you want any other tips :)!!!
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Well, I'm 16 and I lost 12 pounds in two weeks. I ran everyday for twenty min except for sat and sun. I ate very healthy and I only drank water. =) though as long as you run twenty minutes a date, you should be fine eating w/e you want.
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Eat Fruits and Vegetables. ELIMINATE SUGARS (cakes, cookies, pies, sodas, juice [HIGH IN SUGAR!!], candy); STARCHES (rice, pasta, white bread...eliminate any food that is white); and CERTAIN MEATS (fried foods like chicken, fish, shrimp, hamburgers, pork [hot dogs,bacon,) Also, exercising at least3 x's a week is mandatory. If you eat right and fail to exercise, then the results will take longer and you will not have be as toned and fit as you would like. The type of exercises you do are essential to weight loss. Playing a sport, jogging, running, pilates, kick boxing, doing a video, jumping rope, boxing, boot camp classes, even getting a Wii Fit and doing something at home. EXERCISE IS A MUST!!

Lastly, being active and eating right will get the pounds off. And if this diet is too stressful, then follow it six days a week and treat yourself to WHATEVER you want one day a week.  In other words, have a strict diet Monday-Saturday, and eat whatever you want on Sunday.

Good luck, and hope this works for you!
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I have lost 91 pounds in the last year. I only eat fresh meats and veggies.  I drink a lot of water.  I gave up all junk food and I stopped drinking sodas. I replaced the soda with coffee using equal as a sweetener.  Watch your carb intake and try to keep your carbs under 20 per day.  You should see a difference quickle.
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Have you tried cycling? It's a great way to get fit! And fun too. I use the Strava app to make it more competitive.

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You only have two choices when it comes to losing fat...

Either you chase the pill and powder hype, or you do it the real, proven, effective way. The choice is yours, but I'm hoping that you're reading this article in hope for a healthy solution, not a chemically-tainted one.

There is no real secret to losing fat. There are better solutions that many people are unaware of, but there are no secrets. As a health and fitness consultant, my objective is to help you get informed on the best possible methods of losing bodyfat.

It all boils down to three simple things. You need to eat right, exercise often, and change some habits. The main objective of this article is to lay out the exercise and workout component. Based on extensive research and real-world results, I've identified a workout routine that is sure to deliver great results.You can find more info on the proper way to go about all this here.

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Your goal should be walking or running about 5 miles a day. Wear a pedometer to see. The average person walks about 2-3 thousand steps a day which is about a mile. You burn 100 calories per mile. So do that. Set a goal. Like 10,000 steps. Also you have to cut sugar out completely. (the unhealthy sugar) like cake cookies candy chocolate. And eat food like salmon and chicken for protein and eat fruits and vegetables. A sample diet menu would be

Breakfast: Oatmeal, banana, strawberries
Lunch: Chicken, salad, carrots
Dinner: Salmon, broccoli, herb biscuits.

If you wants to calculate your weight on daily basis you can use this Weight Loss Calculator,it shows the appropriate results.

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Your goal should be walking or running about 5 miles a day. Wear a pedometer to see. The average person walks about 2-3 thousand steps a day which is about a mile. You burn 100 calories per mile. So do that. Set a goal. Like 10,000 steps. Also you have to cut sugar out completely. (the unhealthy sugar) like cake cookies candy chocolate. And eat food like salmon and chicken for protein and eat fruits and vegetables. How to loss weight fast
Breakfast: Oatmeal, banana, strawberries
Lunch: Chicken, salad, carrots
Dinner: Salmon, broccoli, herb biscuits.

That's just an example just mix up fruits and vegetables between each mean. And for snacks in between instead of eating those delicious Cheetos try strawberries with lemon squirted on them(it's amazing) or celery and peanut butter. Also something you could do:

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I understand what you're feeling because I'm 17! But for one thing, it will be very hard for you to even lose weight if you try because you don't have enough weight to lose. If you are really uncomfortable and you HAVE to lose a couple pounds, just try eating healthier and cutting out junk food, sugar, soda etc. And doing daily exercise because that is a healthy thing to do anyway. Don't stress about it.

Try this weight loss calculator through which you can easily calculate your weight on daily basis.

Good Luck!

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Hi.I'm 17 year old,my weight is 55 kg,that makes me 120 pounds.and my height is 5 feet,4 inches.tell me the tips how to lose weight in a month?
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I'm 17 and have been fat for ages and most of my fat is on my back, any ideas how to get rid of it?? I'm not that much into sport,  any fun ways to exercise n how often should I do it??
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You can lose weight very fast by adopting a low calorie diet and becoming extremely physically active...that is the simplest way to put it.

Now to break it down a bit for you:

-Don't drop your calories below 1,200/day (if you want to do it safely)
-Eat foods like veggies, lean meats, 1-2 fruits/day, nuts, no fat cottage cheese, yogurt, brown rice, oatmeal
-Drink 8+ glasses of water/day
-Do 1 hour of cardio daily

If you wanted to lose more weight, you could do more cardio than that, but I wouldn't recommend's your body, so its up to you how far you want to push it.

There is more detailed info on setting up a proper program here.

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I'm 17 and 5'0. I am 140 pounds and I want to be 115. I tried eating once a day and lost about 5 pounds then I just gained it right back.. How do I get this weight off of me?....
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Hey!I'm a girl. I'm turning 16 turning 17 in june. I am 148lbs and I'm 4"10. My parents usually tell me to lose weight and my mom is trying 2 lose weight also. She bought this 20 min. Excersise video from Biggest Losers Jillian and I like it. But how can I lose weight quick? I want and I'm supposed to be 110lbs. Help me please!
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Well I'm 15 and I lost 20 pounds in like 3 weeks and well it depends on your metabolism
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What did you do to loose the weight so fast??
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well i didn't loose it healthy that's the thing..i ate pop tarts and water and it wasn't healthy bc now i suffer from bad headaches and i have caffine withdraws and i try to force myself to drink at least one soda a day and i cant do it bc I'm not use to drinking soda so now i suffer from caffine withdraws..losing weight has it healthy and keep fruit and veggies

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