Is your boobs going to grow faster when your period start?


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J. Sanchez answered
They tend to grow as you get older in general- when your period begins, most women do increase in breast size as well, but it's not an over-night thing. Takes a while. It all depends on the person because everyone is different. Some woman who are 25 don't have big breasts, and some who are 15 already have large ones so it depends.
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Mandy Clark answered
This is my experience...

I was a string bean before my period came. When it finally did, I filled out everywhere. Hips, breasts, thighs, and butt. I'm still very thin, but you can tell that I've matured. Everyone is different, but yes, your breasts tend to grow once your period starts.
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I wish,  I've already hit my period, and nothing...... *crickets outside* I think yeah that they grow as you get older.

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