What should I do to gain weight as I'm really very slim?


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Drink protein milk-shakes
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stephen joseph
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Can you just help me out with some names.. So that I can check it out..
Daniel Worthington
Depends, i live in england, so the brands are different. Go into your local pharmacy and ask for them to show you what range they have
Annie Annie
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I need to gain weight, too! I'm with you.
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chloe nolet answered
Eat lots of junk food!
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Nadya Bean answered
Work out strenghwise to gain muscle which weighs more than fat
i think...
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alexia smith answered
Be happy. Some people would do anything to be like you. Im quite slim and sometimes i wished i weighed a bit more but then i think that people always want what they cant get=)
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max atwood answered
Allot of calories, if your a vegetarian then ignore this. You need allot of fats and proteins that come from meat, eat steak, pork, chicken and some plants that have allot of calories are peanuts and spinach. But as long as your healthy you shouldn't worry about your wight.
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Richard Smith answered
Macdonalds breakfast kfc for lunch maccies for dinner burger king for supper and non stop fries and coke for snacks!

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