Is It True That When You Shave Your Mustache As A Woman That It Grows Back Thicker?


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The amount of hair,facial or otherwise is dictated by hormone levels. Some men and women are afflicted with baldness, again a thing with hormones. Hair on the face for women is caused by the same hormone that causes baldness in men, testosterone. Sometimes hormone therapy can diminish the problem completely. There's a new facial hair remover on the market that does not redden and is not supposed to irritate like waxing. I'm sorry I don't remember the name of it but I have a friend who has a big problem and swears by it. The rate at which facial and body hair grows depends mostly on genetics. Doesn't hurt to shave it but it does tend to irritate the upper lip drawing more attention to the area. There are razors that will work well for this problem. Now if they'de just invent Rogaine for women, I'd be really happy. Not true that it grows back quicker,
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Eating right and exercise does not change your hormone levels for most people, I wish it did.If you never shave it as you get older it would progressively get thicker if that is what it is going to do even if you shave it or not.Shaving only cuts off the hair on top of the skin, it doesn't affect the bulb of the hair that is in the follicle. If you tweeze or wax you pull out the hair and the bulb with it that is why it takes longer to grow back compared to shaving. Some women have hair, you do what you need to do to get rid of it,and it makes you feel so much better.
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Shaving, man or woman, especially using a blade (non-electric) will make the hair folicle thicker over a period of many years. In addition, when using a blade, you actually take off any dead skin layers, so the hair seems to come back sooner and thicker.
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Yes It is true, for women all you have to do is eat right and get enough exercise then you will not have an hormone crisis good food balances hormone levels so if you have a mustache and you are a female just eat right and please do not shave it. If you eat right and exercise the hair will begin to fade and eventually fall off.
I would not worry about men using shaving blades all men have to do is shave and use some after shave to prevent bumps when the hair grows again shave it again and put after shave on it. I seen my dad doing this he has no problem.
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I think it may be true.  I always wax it off or bleach it blond.  I find waxing is best.

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