Is It True That Your Breasts Grow Bigger If A Boy Touches Them?


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Don’t be silly - of course they won’t grow just because a guy touches them!

To me, that sounds like the sort of thing a young boy would make up so that he gets to touch your boobs. Don’t listen to him!

Why Won’t My Boobs Get Bigger If They’re Touched By A Guy?
Think about it logically - your boobs don’t know if it’s you touching them or if it’s a guy! Your breasts have nipples, not fingerprint scanners, so there’s no way that they’ll know the gender of the person touching them.

What Will Make My Boobs Grow?
Your boobs will grow as you go through puberty, though, and if you put on weight. Certain medications, like the birth-control pill, can also make your breasts grow. Touching them certainly won’t!

What Does Happen When A Guy Touches Your Boobs?
Well, if your nipples are stimulated, they’ll probably harden into peaks. If you’re enjoying the touch, you might get goosebumps on your chest. That’s about it - no miracle growth. Sorry to disappoint you!

Why Did Somebody Tell Me That My Boobs Will Grow If A Guy Touches Them?
This isn’t the sort of misinformation that would have come from a girl - trust me. Either a guy has made this up so that you’ll let him touch you, or he’s getting confused between boobs and penises.

If you touch a guy’s penis, he’ll probably get an erection. In this sense, his penis does grow - it fills with blood, and gets bigger and harder. This is temporary - it doesn’t inflate for life.

If a guy knows nothing about the female body, he might think that boobs get erections, too. Although, to be honest, if a guy is inexperienced enough to think this, then he is far too young to be anywhere near your chest!
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No it is not! You tell that boy to keep his hands to himself. You should tell your parents.
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No, not unless he is a plastic surgeon.
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No, of course not. He told you that?! Don't believe guys - your boobs won't grow if a guy touches them!

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