Is Valium Addictive?


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Yes, especially if taken in doses over 30mg/day and for periods of over 4

Short-term use is relatively benign.
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To SOME folks, VEGEMITE® is addictive.
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Here's another answer for you. More details though.

VALIUM, brand name for DIAZEPAM, has many uses. It is classified as a benzodiazepine that works on the central nervous system. It is used as a muscle relaxant, generally for muscle spasms, it is used as an antianxiety agent, it is used for acute alcohol withdrawl and before an edoscopic procedure as well as preoperative sedation. In addition, Valium is used in combination with other medications to control seziures. Also, it is used to control severe recurrent seziures as well as controlling a patient who is experiencing status epilepticus. It can be given P.O. (orally), I.V. (intravenously), I.M. (intramuscularly), or in certain cases, P.R. (rectally).. Valium is a class IV controlled substance, and may be addictive. It should be prescribed and used with care.
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Yes, it's addictive.  I don't think it is as powerful as Vicodin.  It's fine to use before a procedure or for a short time during an intense period of stress.  Once a person's body has built up tolerance, it doesn't work as well, they just need it to maintain.
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Yes.  Very.
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Any drug can become addictive.when i was given it from the doctor i did not feel any different and that is said to be the catch. You don't really feel see the difference.
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Valium is not a highly addictive drug, however, some people who use Valium long term may start to have Valium addiction signs.  It is non narcotic. Even a placebo can be addictive under certain circumstances.
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Not as addictive as one might think...I took it  twice a year for eight straight years.and quit it fairly easy.
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Depends on the size of the dose and the individual taking it. I have been taking it for 9 years but not every day, just as it says on the bottle "as needed".
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Many, many years ago ( 40+) I was prescribed Valium and told to take it as often as I thought I needed restrictions & as many refills and I wanted.  At the time I had several medical problems that they suspected were at least stress related.  I was living overseas in a 3rd world country with 2 small children and a husband that worked 6 1/2 days a week.  Without going into a lot of boring details, I did take them one a day, then later 2 a day and still later 3 a day etc..  Over a period of several years I ended up taking them on a more frequent basis until one day I realized that I was eating them like candy almost.  I made the decision to stop taking any Valium at all.  I did this over a period of several weeks by slowly reducing the number of times I took the Valium each day until I finally reached zero.  The next time I was in the states here at home and I visited my Dr. I told him I thought I had been addicted to Valium.  Nope!  He said it was not addictive.  About 2 years later, that fact came to light.  So, I say I was one of the first to report an addiction to Valium.  Short answer, yes, it is addictive.  Perhaps I have an addictive type personality???  I was addicted to cigarettes at one time ( 2 & 1/2 packs a day)but I came to the realization that they were not good for me and I gave them up in 1995.

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