"Once an addict, always an addict". Is that true?


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This is an opinionated question because, well, some people are hell bent in believing so, but the open-minded (and logical) know that people can stop being addicted. Sure, it takes a while, and it's living hell, especially with heroin and prescription pills, but you eventually get off of it and forget about it, becoming a better person.

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I think it's true to an extent.

My experience is with the vile drug nicotine. I've smoked on and off since the age of 15 probably. I was never really a regular smoker, and I'd often go weeks or months without a cigarette.

However, around 3 years ago, I started working in an environment that was very high-pressure, where almost everyone smoked. Coupled with the fact that my girlfriend used to smoke at home, I started catching on to the habit.

I then found out my girlfriend was pregnant, which was great - but also induced a lot of stress and panic, and I suddenly realised my smoking habit had become pretty regular - I had become a 15 -a-day smoker!

When our daughter arrived, I was adamant that I'd kick the habit. I didn't really smoke indoors anyway, but I also didn't like the idea of a young baby inhaling smoke off my clothes or skin.

So I pretty much put the brakes on, and stopped completely. This lasted for several months - and it's only fairly recently that I've succumbed to the temptation of buying a pack now and then.

However, throughout all the time that I wasn't smoking, I'd probably say the idea of it, or the desire for a smoke, never completely left me.

Whilst I managed to go for long periods without even thinking about cigarettes, it was the times where smoking was flaunted in front of me that I found the hardest to deal with.

For example, going out for a drink (which lowers your inhibitions anyway) and then seeing friends smoke in front of me - that was difficult to deal with.

However, I can 100% say my small relapse was single-handedly triggered by two TV shows: Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire.

They're two of my favorite TV shows, both set in eras where smoking wasn't just common - it was almost compulsory!

Watching Don Draper or Nucky Thompson puffing away in every scene was just too much for me, and that's kind of why I feel the whole addiction thing is something that never really goes away, but just lingers beneath the surface.

I think it takes a lot of will power and control to manage that desire for the next "fix", and people that don't have that kind of self-control will invariably struggle.

With more addictive substances, the battle is even harder. So, whilst I believe people can manage and surpress their desire by not exposing themselves to situations (or TV shows) that will entice them to relapse, I think the challenge shouldn't be underestimated!

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I must agree with this. That's very true. I hadn't thought about the urge aspect of it, and it's very helpful reading the answer from someone who dealt with addiction. I admit to have smoked a few cigarettes before and I've sometimes wanted to do the same in those high-pressure situations. This was a very helpful answer, Kass.
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15Cigs aday is nothing i know people that smoke three paks
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Well, yes.

But there is a definite difference between an addict who is currently "using" his / her drug of choice and a "recovering" addict.

(And a "dry" drunk is not in a good place.)

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Wrong wrong wrong ihave seen many people recover from alcohol and drugs including myself. Over 17 yrs sober. You have to change friends places you go and everything. Their is alot of people that are sober try a aa meeting or na some dont even go to meetings they have a hobby.

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You and blue lou woke the dead lol. 2013 question? that or a glitch on my end
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Tom caught it first
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Oh. Otis there are so many myths and false information around addiction including alcohol addiction. Most people online dont even know what they are talking about.

Just know that you're sober! and well done.

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