Do you really close your eyes when sneezing to keep your eyeball from flying out?


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No, you close your eyes to keep the tiny droplets of spit (which contain huge amounts of bacteria) from getting into your eyes.
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It's true. It happened to a friend yrs back and had 10 operations before eyes were fixed.  But they switched eye balls cause now he's cross-eyed.
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Of course, it's true. I tried once to hold my eyes open. It just will NOT work,.
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It is a physical reaction. The human body is just wired that way.

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Hahahahahahahahahaha! Why didn't his eyeballs fly out?
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Cause they won't. That's a lttle myth. Just like, If you sneeze 7/8 times in succession, you'll orgasm.
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Old question, but worth a re-visit---

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