When you are Pregnant what do people think of you at school?


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Honestly, there are a lot of opinions that people have about this
topic. You're going to have the religious snobs who want to call you a
whore (even though it may have only been 1 guy), the whores who want to
call you a whore just to make themselves feel better, and so on, but if
you listen to what all of them have got to say, I guarantee you'll be
suicidal. My advice to the pregnant teens is to keep your head up high and think positive! You are going to be the
mommy, and you are going to be the influence on your child. Form your own opinion about yourself, and let the others go in one ear and out the other.
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Sweetie Don't worry about what other people think Go to school  with confidence  and aim for the top for you and your Baby .Those people who Judge you  aren't worth the time  and are no better  don't let people discourage you and your goals  People who judge probably have more problems then you'd think  The Old Saying is Misery Loves company,  who isn't happy with their life  will try to bring you down in that hole  with them  DON'T let it happen Be Happy & Concern yourself not of those who judge but whats best for you and your  Young one .  Much Love & Blessings to you and Your Little one
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Everyone has different opinions. Some may be good, others may be bad.
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breanna BIENEMY
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I know people get judged but they judge my friend so bad cause she was pregant and then she lost it so they laughed at her and called her a whore
Brittany Schlatt
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I know, itsn't that terrible? Especially, when it's none of their business, or problem, ya know? I'm sorry for her loss, tell her to keep her head up.
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Ignore them, some will be judgmental and cruel but its only to make them feel better about themselves cuz really their life is miserable dnt stress and IGNORE THEM
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tia diamondz answered
I dont think one should care what people think of them if they so happen to be a pregnant in high school etc. There are bigger things for a pregnant girl to be thinking about.

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