Do You Think I Am Fat?


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Brenda Harrell answered
I think most people focus to much on weight and not enough on health if you feel that you are fat, and then you are fat.  I am at disadvantage considering I cannot see you.  Therefore I would have no way of knowing whether you are fat or not.  What I may see as being fat will not be your version.  If you are unhappy about your weight only you can change your weight.  Before you start working on your weight check with your Doctor he may have some healthy suggestions.  Take care
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Arthur Wright answered
Only you can decide this as if youre truly unhappy with your body, then nothing we tell you will matter so if youre unhappy then do something about it until you are happy with yourself and everyone else will be truly amazed. Good luck
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Rin Bagel
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You can be "truly unhappy" about your body, but that doesn't mean you have to be fat. Things like this can lead to serious eating disorders, there's nothing truly amazing about it at all.

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