Do you think braces are cute?


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Mandy Clark Profile
Mandy Clark answered
Totally!!! Especially on guys!!! People just look really cute with them on. I have them right now and my smile is just perfect!!! And the colors make them look even better!!!
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Maddie Hart
Maddie Hart commented
OMG, I LOVE guys with braces. They are so adorable!
alexia smith
alexia smith commented
Have you ever seen christian beadles? He is like the cutest boy ever just because of his braces=D
Maddie Hart
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Girl, yessss. He is SO fine. :D
alexia smith Profile
alexia smith answered
I think they are. My teeth are messed up and i need braces becasue my teeth are all over the place. But i dont think they will look good on me
savannah seymour Profile
On me, hell no. On someone else, just maybe...
Random Guy Profile
Random Guy answered
It depends whos wearing tem cause some people look good and others dont
Lianna Lins Profile
Lianna Lins answered
I thought they looked adorable on my friend, not-so-cute on my other friend, and pretty bad on me =) but that was mainly because I had huge gap from a missing tooth right near the front, lol. If you have a full set of teeth (and you're not getting a fake tooth or something) then yes they can be pretty cute.
I wanted coloured ones at first but went for the silver instead and I preferred it in the end =D
Zachary Voith Profile
Zachary Voith answered
It depends who's wearing them. Besides, you're cuter
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My wife and I both have braces and headgear. I think she is really cute with her silver smile. She thinks the lisp from my tongue crib is funny and cute.

Casadee Pope Profile
Casadee Pope answered
The colored ones turn me right off. Happy just get them for a year fix your teeth and relax forever
Erica Dane Profile
Erica Dane answered
Braces are never cute to anyone if you look at it negatively, but in reality they are not only helpful they give you a look of sweet innocence. So yes they are cute in my opinion...
Addilynn Addilynn Profile
Nope! Why the well wud they be cute? Little metal things around sumone's teeth tht pains them...sure they're really cute aren't they...8)  lol...well....on me they look horrible but thts just me....nthin ever looks nice on me anyway.....happy dayys! 8)

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