I have a swelling bump on my gum that popped up out of no where yesterday.. It's really painful.. Ever since i got my braces off, and one of my teeth got loose, it's popped up twice right above the loose tooth.. How do I make it go away?


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You need to get to a dentist ASAP its an infection.  They need to pop the bumps under sterile conditions and give you antibiotics.  If the antibiotics don't keep them from comming back then they have to pull the tooth and clean the infection, then the bumps will leave for good.  My daughter bumped her face on a slide when she was 2 and about 6 months later 3 of her teeth had started to turn gray and she had big bumps on her gums above those 3 teeth. They would pop and bleed and then come back. One dentist said don't worry, but I did, and finally we found out that the bumps were because of infection and all 3 teeth were pulled and the bumps disappeared.  Good luck, take care.
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If my tooth comes out will the bump go away?
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I am pretty sure that it will because the infection is in the root of the tooth and once the tooth is gone the bump or abcess on your gum will drain. My daughters did it was gone in a couple days. I would still try to get to the dentist because I don't know if there is any importance to them doing it in a sterile environment and sucking the drainage from the infection out in a tube. Not sure if it would be good to swallow and they have to clean it all out with this water tool they have.
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You should try calling the dentist who took your braces off and see if they have an emergency line. Then you could atleast get an answer about what's going on and get medicine so you don't have to be in pain. Good luck

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