How many Paracetamols does it take for it to be Considered an overdose and for it to give you liver failure?


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Paracetamol is widely availabe and been around for over 50 years. Its very cheap, and it widely prescribed and over the counter too, making it the most common drug taken and you can overdose on it. Usually it comes in 500mg tablet. It is the most common cause of liver failure. In the UK, the dose was reduced. It is important to remember when used at therapeutic levels - as a pain reduction intervention, for example, paracetamol can be safe and effective. An overdose can however, occur and may occur accidentally, or intentionally.
500mgs is safe to take at once.
2 Every four hours is the safe measure recommended. TO TAKE MORE YOU ARE AT RISK.
Overall no more than 8 tablets over a 24 hour span  [usually prescribed or sold in 500mgs]. Take care Alexia and hope useful summary.
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Anymore than is prescribed can be fatal and can cause internal damage
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Depends on the brand =P
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Well i dunno lol check yourself....i have some in the cupboard in the itchen but i cba to look =)
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2 tabs 4 times a day is the most you are supposed to take, any more than that is concidered too many.

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