What is the big fascination with boob size? What's your opinion?


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Ray Ottewell answered
I suppose the bigger they are the more they bouncy bounce bounce, and that gets a mans attention.Lol :))))
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Heres my take on this topic.  What I look for first off is her face, followed by Butt...
If your attracted you go and find out more about her.  Boobs are just a bonus.. To me anyway..
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Breanne Marie answered
Honestly, I think its women who have more of a "fascination" with the size of brests. They think that thats all men think about so women put more pressure on themselves to try and look a certain way. They see the women in mes magazines and automatically assume thats what men want. NEWS FLASH... The women in those mags dont even look like that in person its called airbrushing and inhancing.
Oh and FYI boobs are technically just hunks of fat hanging from your ribcage.... Sexy thought hey.
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Kiara Harris
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A very sexy thought :P hahahaha i definitley agree with you on this one. My sisters and i got into a conversation about how my boobs are bigger than theirs and i'm like it doesn't really matter
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Guys want to know boob size so they know how big or small they are and if they are big, they can bounce and squeeze whereas small ones, you can not do much with.
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I actually prefer small or perky breasts rather than some Huge C or D cups..Just imagine when they hit their 30's, 40's and 50's...Those things are gonna sag like nobodies business..hahahaha!
Kiara Harris
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It depends on the number before the cups size too though. You could be a 12 c but thats not very big...
Maxine Chan
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I am a 34 B actually and my bf loves em:)

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