Why Can I Not Get Pregnant?


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You need to have intercourse between the 12 and 16 day of your period. It will very on your cycle. Sperm lives in your body up to 72 hours an egg only lives 32 hours. So you need to have intercourse before you ovulate. Go and get a ovulation detector. It will help alot.
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First, get yourself and your partner checked by a doctor to see if there are no medical reasons why you aren't getting pregnant. If you get a clean bill of health then just RELAX!!!!!. this mathematical crap is just that. It'll happen. Don't try so hard. Or you can wait until the night of the next full moon at 10:45 pm and lift your left leg straight up, your right leg facing southeast at a 36.5 degree angle and then make sure your significant other is on his left knee, his right leg pulled back with his toes pointing at 4:00 and that way you'll be sure to conceive. It took a while for our second child. We conceived in the woods while on a camping trip buck ass naked by the lake. Don't believe all this other crap.
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It's not mathematical crap, it's fact. Women ovulate once a month and that egg only lives for 24-32 hours. If there isn't an egg for the sperm to meet, then there isn't fertilization.
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yeah, that stuff is fact but people go too far to get pregnant when all they really need is to calm the hell down and let nature take its coarse. try insemination if it isn't happening fast enough for you. there is a reason for everything(and that is fact as well). its your job to find out why you're not getting pregnant.listening to anyone other than a doctor who can rule out medical issues is just gambling. they can't tell you what to do or not do to get pregnant. be realistic! thats why i wrote what i did because thats the crap you'll here from people who don't have the facts as to what is the cause of infertilization. does that make more sense to you?
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How long have you been trying to get pregnant?  If it's only been a few months, then I wouldn't worry just yet.  A good way to figure out when you're ovulating is to keep track of your basal body temperature, or use ovulation predictors (very easy, you can find them just about anywhere they sell HPTs).  Check out two week wait.com.  They have amazing information and lots of experienced women that give some great advice.  And yes, if your cycle is a typical 28 days, then you should try having sex between the 12 and 16 days.  Good luck!  :)
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Maybe you should try to map your period so that you know when you are most fertile and then try having sex.
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For pregnancy normal hormonal levels like estrogen, progesterone and prolactin are required. Also normal pH of vagina and normal sperm count of partner is necessary.
You should go for hormonal investigations like estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. An ultrasound on 12the day of periods to find of status of ovulation is also required. Your [partner should also go for the semen analysis. After these reports treatment plan can be made.

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