How Can I Increase My Breast Size Without Surgery?


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It's not like people are going to listen to what you just said.... They have their own opinions so you shouldn't tell anybody that they shouldn't think about it. Some people can't help but think about it. It might not even be for men..sometimes you don't like how you look and want to look better. God will understand that. Anyway,

to you my friend, I've heard things like eating chicken and beef is seen to have made teens and younger women have increase in their breast size. Also, papya juice with a little milk, boiled eggs, milk, and also, this may sound weird, but a man in japan if you look it up who is a scientist and musician has come up with a ringtone that is said to increase your breast size up to 2 centimeters. One women said it worked and it actually went up 3 centimeters. It's suppose to sound like a baby crying and it responds to women's bodies for some reason. Look it up. Also they say if you eat fatty foods and gain weight it will make them bigger, which I agree, but it's not proven, but that's a terrible way to do it and you're only hurting your body. Plus if you lose the weight afterwards even if they got bigger they will saggy when you lose the weight. So don't do that. But anyways that's what I know.
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Certain chest workouts build muscle around the breast making them appear more pert in the same way a push up bra does. Try that for a non-surgical breast enhancement solution. If you see successful result, don't forget to send me evidence lol

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Don't rush to do the surgery, there are other ways, much more affordable and effective like breast enhancement cream. Many disagreed that these products work. However, a number of women, including me who used this type of commodities could attest to its efficiency. From zero A to C cup. In fact, in my opinion, cosmetics for breast should always be natural. Check more info about breast enhancement creams here to learn more about the products including their pros and cons.

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Yes, you can build up your breasts the old fashioned way -- with exercise.
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First we all have issues about our bodies, some are real, some imagined.

With the "norm" being projected in the media as a d or larger, no wonder girls and woman have these issues.

The big question is are you propotionate to your frame.  Since its hard to look in the mirror and see how you really look, ask someone who will be open minded and honest with you. 

If you are a younger woman, keep in mind they don't settle on on a size until after you have your children.  That has happened with me and more than a few members of my family  I am not sure why, but I assume it has too do with high levels of natural occurring hormones.  Also if you chose implants it might interfer with breast feeding, also there might be complications with the surgery, or down the road.

Unfortunately I received my double dd's in 8th grade.  Trust me there not as fun as you would think.  You would imagine going into Victoria's Secret and having a huge selection of pretty underware to chose from, but no you have to special order them, they cost a quarter of the rent, and never fit properly.  The only bras that do fit are the same kind that granny where 2inch straps with 5 hooks, they do come in beige, creame or white.  You usually end up with painful back problems, with huge indentions in your shoulders from having to carry them around.

If I want to buy a dress for instance, I have too get extra large, to fit over my front, while the rest of the dress just hangs over everything else.  You also have to buy big womans shirts, and the fashion deshiners at big womans, love rayon, huge floral prints, and crazy color combos.

This is so gross, but I'll share anyway.  When gravity hits, well lets just say two grapefruits in a pair of panty hose.

My point is I would do anything for a comfortable c.  If you are proportianed well, then consentrate on what matters your heart your mind and your soul, those are the things you want to catch a guy with, not beauty, that always fades.

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My breast is big as e man I want my breast to get flat
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I don't think you should focus on your breast size. I think you should appreciate your body for what it is and enjoy it. My daughter is "blessed" with DDD size breasts and longs for smaller ones. Then she wouldn't have so much back and shoulder pain. The bra straps wouldn't cut into her shoulders leaving a permanent dent in them. Men would look at her instead of them. You get the picture.
In our society today we have an unnatural obsession with breasts and men and businesses run by men and products that benefit men, want women to be large breasted. But it is not about the woman as a person, it is about how it make the man feel or how it fills up his wallet.
Fight the urge to conform to that mentality and just enjoy your body as it is.
Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear, but so many women who do get larger breasts, especially with the implants are miserable afterwards and wish they had their small breasts back.
Believe me, the grass is not greener on the other side.

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