What is your point of view on abortion?


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Thats no reason to kill a blessing,god works in mysterious ways.
My nephew has some kind of Autism and he is so smartt,The doctors said there was something wrong because he always screamed come to find out that was his way to talk to us now he speaks alot :))..
Its wrong to me its murder!!...the baby didnt ask to be there.
If she didnt want to take care of it then she should of thought about that when she was pregnant because alot of normal people give birth to special need children and live happily.
I wouldnt give my nephew up for the world the family would be uncomplete without him <3 :)
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I think its wrong because its not fair that a child should pay for your shortcomings
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Maxine Chan
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Well, my mom had two abortions because they will turn out mentally retarded and my mom did not want to deal with it.
savannah seymour
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Well thats different. Some people just do it because they had sex and dont want to take care of a baby
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Maxie Chan, abortion is NEVER right
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I think that i depends on the situation. If there is something wrong with the parents or the soon to be child, then it should happen. But if nothing is wrong then it would be best if that didn't happen.
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Abortion is just like murdering a person and if you don't want a child, you shouldn't being having unprotected sex or sex before marriage.
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Abortion is a crime under the law of God. It is considered murder. According to God he says that before you were even born in your mothers womb, he had already formed you and had plans for you. When an egg and a sperm get together they create a life. It's just that it's just so tiny that it has to take nine months to grow, but that doesn't justify any abortion. Never get an abortion.Children are beautiful if you raise your children right with morals and respect for others. Bring them up with lots of love. They will surprise you, make you laugh, bring you joy. Just give them a chance.
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Not cool unless its a medical emergency or result of a felony crime
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1.) It's killing an innocent human being.

2.) A woman made her choice when she had s3x, just like a man made his choice when he had s3x.

3.) The woman is forcing her child to take full responsibility and to suffer for her own actions and choices.

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My feeling is it would have to depend on the circumstance, example being raped, get's pregnant from a family member. If your health is in jeopardy. Or don't have the funds to support the child

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