Can an ovarian cyst rupture and cause a blockage resulting in constipation?


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It can happen and the only way to find out for sure is to get examined by your doctor who can make an informed diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment.
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Well, the doctor had me come back this morning and do an ultrasound, but I have not got the results back and was just wondering. Thanks for your help. I just live in a small town and didn't know if the doc was full of it. I am in so much pain, and starting to get worried that it may be something else. Thanks again! =)
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I am not a doctor ,so see a doctor if you are worried. We can't diagnose a treatment like your doctor can through internal examination with a scan or exploring. According to what i just read it is unlikely they will, and most go away on their own  or with medical treatment/medicine.this is why your doctor wants to follow up and will probably want other scheduled visits to prevent any further concerns.

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