If you rub olive oil on your breasts will they grow?


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Hannah Jane answered
That is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard in my life. NO, they will not grow, trust me, and I caught my daughter trying it in her bedroom and she heard me all right, and surprise surprise, they didn't grow!
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Amanda Layne answered

Yeah there's only one thing you are going to get if you rub olive oil on your breasts: Oily breasts. You might even ruin your clothes if you get any of the oil on them...

Maybe this idea started because oil has high fat levels, but your body doesn't absorb fat that way. Did a guy tell you this? Maybe he just get's off on girls rubbing their boobs and tried to trick you into it..

If you want bigger breasts, there are only 5 things that will help:

  1. Boob job
  2. Getting fat
  3. Getting pregnant (kind of related to #2)
  4. Push-up bras
  5. Hormone changes when you're on your period

Rubbing food items on your boobs does not help them grow in any way. Put the oil down!

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