Can Sucking On Your Breast Make Them Grow?


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Sucking on your own breasts is very unhealthy and is more likely to be harmful than to make them grow. It can also cause other health problems especially to your neck!

  • Myth

Ideas like this gain popularity due to pregnancy but in fact have no logic to them- they are a myth. The female body changes shape greatly during and after pregnancy with a massive increase in hormones to support the child. This creates a big change in appearance in a woman's body including her breasts.

After birth the figure continues to change with breast feeding ensuring that boobs remain larger than they were prior to pregnancy. During breast feeding the breasts continue to remain larger to feed the child who is dependent on breast milk- this will not happen if you attempt to suck on your own breasts.

  • Breast increases

There are a number of exercises that can increase the size of breasts but the effect is generally marginal. There are no major muscles in the breast which prevents it from being developed in the way than an arm or leg can be bulked up.

You may find adverts to creams and lotions that promise to increase your breast size but again the effect will be marginal, the lotions can be expensive and likely lead to disappointment and frustration.

  • Cosmetic

Surgery to increase breast sizes is one of the biggest areas of cosmetic surgery. Over the years the treatments have been transformed, with the surgery now taking less than one week for someone to return to their normal way of life. There is a vast amount of different techniques and accompanying prices for breast enlargement surgery and it's not always the cheapest price that will provide the most satisfying long or medium term results.
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Yes they become big, if they are sucked.
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Yes. When your pregnant your breast get bigger because your baby sucks on your nipples but another option that works is massaging the breast. With oils while you massage you stimulate the breast witch make them grow.
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If you can suck on your own breasts, they are already big enough.  Leave them alone!
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The question that you have asked is considered inappropriate for Please ask a new question that is appropriate or search elsewhere.
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NO!! Why on earth would you think up/of some weird method to make your boobs grow bigger that will NOT WORK??
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If you can already suck on your own boobs then they are big enough =P unless you would have someone do you a favour which would just be disturbing
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Breast are glands and will grow according to your body type, hereditary and so on. Sucking on them will not help or change formation and I don't recommend it
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It might be fun for the boys, but it's really gross. Do you know how babies are made? BOYS SUCKING ON GIRLS BOOBS! Its a really gross process. Google it!

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