Does Rubbing Butter On Your Breasts Make Them Grow?


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There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that rubbing butter onto your breasts will make them grow, although many women wish that their breasts were larger and were able to fill out clothes better. Others watch their breasts begin to sag or droop as they age.

Girls now begin to develop perception of their body shapes at an even younger age. This self-awareness - coupled with the desire to make a change - leads to women looking into the options available to them to increase their breast size, and hundreds of thousands of women and teenagers have breast augmentation procedures yearly.

However, this procedure comes with a high price tag and considerable risks are also involved.

There are several non-surgical ways to enlarge your breasts, which can leave women feeling more attractive, confident, and secure, without any of the cost or risks involved in surgery. For example, exercise can increase breast size, by strengthening the pectoris muscles underneath the breast tissue, breasts can look larger and more toned.

Common exercises to achieve this effect, include push-ups, or drawing the arms repeatedly together to bring the palms of the hands together.

Also, proper bra sizing is key to getting the support, lift, and comfort that can add size to your breasts, so time spent being properly sized is well worth it.

Some women use make-up to enhance their cleavage, by applying a touch of shimmer or bronzer in between their cleavage, to draw the eye to that area, and visually add depth.

Cup-enhancers or silicone bra inserts can be purchased and applied with double-sided tape to fit snugly in your bra, undetected. Look for ones that are hypoallergenic, if you have sensitive skin, and which are also sweat and waterproof.

Some women consider purchasing a push-up bra with padding to achieve a larger-appearing cup size and increased cleavage. Also, the clothes you wear can affect the size your breasts appear to be - and, contrary to common belief, tight-fitting clothes do not enhance your bust line or breast appearance. Choose clothes that fit properly and don't show too much cleavage.

Many women apply tape or moleskin across the lateral and bottom aspect of their breasts to push them together and give them a lift.

Don't forget that any skin regime should also include hydration. The recommended water intake for those with no restrictions is six to eight glasses a day. This will help keep the skin over your breasts looking and feeling healthy and moisturized.
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My friend gave me this recipe that made my boobs bigger, and it really works!
At first, I was a 34 A, and now I'm a 34 C!
Here's The Recipe:

  • 1 glass of water
  • Teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • Half a teaspoon of sugar
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Are you supposed to consume this or put it on your skin?
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I would like to know the same thing. ^ I'm pretty sure you rub it on, but I just wanna be sure.
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what the S***
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It helps to reduce stretch marks, but I don't think it makes them bigger.

A friend of mine said she exfoliated her boobs and then poured cold water over them, though - and she did that every night and in 2 months went from a 32 B to a 36 D.
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I just started using Cocoa Butter and woke up in the morning to find they had grown slightly. I wil now try this twice a day, and try the method of exfoliating and pouring cold water over the breasts overnight to see if there's a diiference.
I'll tell you if any changes are made between 2-4 weeks. Wish me luck!
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I am flat as hell, but one of my girlfriends recommended I eat one cucumber a day with white mozzarella cheese and a cup of papaya juice, and in less then 4 weeks, I went up 2 full cup sizes!

Every girl should try this secret, because it works and you're not wasting your time - plus it tastes good.
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Hey, guys, I'm 13 and I'm a 30 A. All my friends have bigger boobs and I'm jealous! So I'm going to try this recipe and see if it helps:

1 Glass of water
Teaspoon of salt
Teaspoon of olive oil
and a half of teaspoon of sugar

I'm also going to try Baby oil! Wish me luck!
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I'm having the same problem with all my friends maturing before me, too. I'm about to turn 15 and I'm a 32A, while all my friends, who I should add are all younger than me, are all C's and D's. I found that same recipe on YouTube, and I'm gonna be trying it out for a while.
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I tried pouring very cold water on them every night before I go to bed - don't wear a bra to bed - and in the morning, rub butter all over your nipples for 5minutes straight.

I was a 32A and now, after two weeks, I am a 36B - I am so happy. Hope I helped!
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Not sure ... Boobs are mostly fat and so absorbing the butter could make them bigger ... No one told me about this, but I started thinking about it myself and then searched it ... Top set science and quite good with common sense!
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I've tried olive oil and eating papaya and drinking milk...

I heard it really works, but I've only tried it once - but I hope it works because I'm 14 and I'm only a 30 A, and all my friends have large breasts so it's annoying...

Hope this works!
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It can help. But something you can eat to make breasts larger is papaya. Make a milkshake with milk and papaya. Also sesame seeds help them get bigger. You should also massage the top of your breasts to keep the circulation going to enhance your breasts.
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There are a few natural supplements that are available for enlarging your breasts, but rubbing butter on your body would not be one of them.

Cocoa butter, however, is used by pregnant women to avoid stretch marks by rubbing cocoa butter on their breasts and their bellies - maybe this is where that came from.
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Rub coa coa butter on them then exfoliation them then rub coa coa butter again then pour cold water then massage

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Breast enlargement can be possible with estrogen rich foods. It can be attained with massage creams and some oil massage.
Olive oil is very beneficial for breast augmentation without surgery. Massage your breast gently with warm olive oil in circular motion for about 15 minutes daily you will see the eventual result.

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Rubbing cocoa butter on your boobs is great for foreplay, but sucks as far as making your boobs grow.  Boob size depends entirely on the people you chose as parents (and you can't go back and change your choice).  It's in your genetics, completely, unless you choose to have breast surgery.
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No - nothing will do that. It is genetic.

Mine did not grow until after I had my first baby at age 30. Now they are big and just right, but I am 46.
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I've also heard that drinking milk helps but I haven't tried it yet. I'm only a 32A but I'm only 13, so I'm not too worried. I got a push-up bra from Walmart and it looks like I'm a 32B!
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No there is nothing you can do that will make your breasts bigger, other than gain weight and have implants.  You are what you are.

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