How do I get my first period faster?


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When you’re waiting for your first period it sometimes seems to take for ever - especially if you are the only one left in your friendship group not to have started! It’s natural and you are not alone.

Girls usually start their period around about 12 or 13. Some start as young as 8 and I’ve heard of girls not starting till they are nearly 17! You’re probably in the middle and you should have started to see the signs of your body changing already. 

Here is a link to a quiz called When Will I get My first Period? Maybe it will help you see if you are nearly ready. quiz

How do you make it come faster?

There isn’t any proof that anything can help you to get your first period - but you could try a few things that won’t do you any harm.

Drink milk and eat Yoghurt

Drink green tea and drink more water

Exercise more

Just remember to be prepared and have a small supply of pads ready in your school bag or locker. Lots of girls get very worried about what will actually happen when their period starts - will everyone know?  No-one will know unless you tell them.

My best friend Mary was 14 before she got her first period.  Every month she would cry and say, “I’m never going to get my period”

One morning in class she was crying again.  I asked her, “Still no period?”

She wailed again, “Yes! I’ve got it and I don’t like it!”  So you see nothing’s perfect. 

Just to let you know this question has been asked on Blurtit before Here  have a look and see if you pick up some good advice!

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If you want your period early then there are lots of different ways to get it.

1. Drinking green tea.

2. Bathe in salt

3. Don't think about it.

4. Stick parsley up your vagina

5. Rub lotion on the surface of your vagina

6. Press a pressure point on your foot about 4 finger widths from your inner ankle bone.

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Periods are dictated by hormones  which are controlled by the brain. Nothing you eat or consume or shove inside you manipulate hormone activity. Stop fretting about it because believe it or not stress CAN affect it .

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