How can I get my first period to come overnight? Pls help!


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You can't get your first period to come over night. Why would you want to? They are painful, and just awful. Wait for your period, it'll eventually come.

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U were once a girl who wanted your period so don't say things like u don't want it cause I bet u wanted it at some point in time
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The truth is there is nothing you can do to make your period come any quicker. All these tricks and stories you read online are just superstition and misinformation. there is good news though...

Your periods will start when the time is right. Only your body knows when it is ready. To ovulate (that's what a period is) when your body is not ready would actually be quite dangerous, so your body literally does know best! 

And in a few months/years you will be wishing you didn't have them ... Like the rest of us!

Everyone develops at a different rate, so if your friends have started their periods and you haven't, it really isn't a problem though I do see that you want to be "grown up" we are all the same at your age.

There is absolutely nothing you can do to make your period come. It will turn up when least expected, normally at the worst possible time!

I don't know how old you are but if you get to 16 and they still haven't started, it might be worth seeing a doctor just to make sure everything is okay. Some girls are just later developers and that's the way it is, there is nothing wrong with that and no way to change it but the good news is that eventually you will catch up so stop worrying.

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don't worry you'll soon start.

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