How can I get my first period to come overnight? Like this night btw


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Why would you want your period, IT SUCKS?! I just hate my periods, they suck.

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I just really want to know what it feels like and all of my friends had it happen to them already
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I never looked forward to my first period. My twin got hers before me, I was the only girl in the house to not have it yet! I felt young! and half a year later I got it. Everyone gets them at different times! Even twins! Be happy you don't have it, yet...
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Ok you guys are just makeing us search harder by saying these stupid comments. You know that right?
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Hi!  I haven't got anything to tell you to help with this (although I wish I could), but I want you to know that there are other girls who don't have it, such as me!  You are not alone!  Keep trying!  There is nothing wrong with you and trying to make your period come faster!  If you try something and it works, share it for the sake of late bloomers!

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Just drink green tea ,relax , do not be so active, drink lots of milk for about a week,be a little lazy,

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