Where can I buy chloroform? What about homemade chloroform?


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The internet is your short answer.

You can buy chloroform online, although the purchasing and importing of the substance may be controlled depending on your location.

Buying chloroform

It is possible to purchase chloroform in most countries, but a medical license is usually required (or at least that's the case in the US).

There is usually a weaker Chloroform + Tincture product available in local chemists, but this is strictly a prescription item.

There are plenty of accounts online of people being able to purchase and receive chloroform via the internet but, as with all drugs or medication purchased online, no-one will be able to vouch for the safety and reliability of the product.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can't just up and buy chloroform unless you have a special permit for it.

But if you're just trying to get to sleep, then try some valerian plus tea. Always helps me.

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