Wild Yam Is Good For Fertility, However, If Taken Wrongly Can Prevent Ovulation. With This In Mind, How Should Capsules Be Taken?


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Mexican yam is also known as wild yam. It is available in the form of capsules. Wild yam capsules contain the dried extract of the root of the Mexican yam plant. On an average, it is advisable for you to take one or two pills, three times a day.

In addition, Mexican yam is also sold in the powdered form of the herb, as a liquid extract and in the form of a tincture. There are general recommendations regarding the correct dosage for wild yam. It is because of this reason that the instructions on a commercial package of Mexican yam should be followed carefully since the strength of the product can vary.

For example, the correct dosage for an infusion or wild yam tea is one or two teaspoons (that is, one-and-a-half and two-and-a-half grams) of the dried herb steeped in one cup or about 240 millilitres of boiling water which is strained and drunk three times a day.

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