What Does Being Fertile Mean And What Is Ovulating?


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Fertility, or being fertile, is the ability for one to naturally conceive and have children. Conception occurs when a sperm meets with an ovum (egg) in the female’s fallopian tubes. 

Fertility depends on many factors including a sufficient amount of sperm being produced and released into the vagina, passage of the sperm up into the fallopian tubes, release of an ovum into the fallopian tubes and the penetration of one or more sperm into the ovum. 

For pregnancy to occur, the fertilized ovum will then need to implant into the wall of a female’s uterus.  To conceive a child, a woman must ovulate.  Ovulation, or ovulating, is the process during a female’s menstrual cycle whereby a mature ovum (egg) is released through the ovarian follicle (wall) and into the fallopian tubes, ready to be fertilized by a male’s sperm.  Some women experience pain in the lower abdomen when ovulation occurs.  This is called mittelschmerz, which means ‘middle pain’ in German, and occurs when the ovarian wall stretches as an ovum (egg) is released from the ovary.

A woman is likely to be fertile 10 to 14 days after the start of menstruation.  Fertility can therefore be defined by this process working correctly, with males producing healthy sperm and female’s ovulation cycle occurring correctly. 

In 1 to 2 per cent of all ovulations more than one ovum can be released.  This can result in multiple births if both eggs are fertilized by sperm, resulting in non-identical twins as the DNA is different in each fertilized ovum.  Identical twins can be conceived when one ovum is fertilized by a single sperm and the ovum separates in the early stages of development.  The term fertility can also be used to describe the process of giving life in nature, in both plants and animals too.
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Fertile means you are capable of getting pregnant, ovulating means your body is producing the eggs that, if not attached to sperm, will eventually lead to a period. 

How to tell when you're ovulating

Knowing whether you are ovulating is vital for getting pregnant or avoiding pregnancy. Here are some tips to tell when you're ovulating:

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If a woman is fertile, its mean that she is capable of getting pregnant because she is having all parameters normal which are required from her side for pregnancy. Ovulation is a hidden process in the body when egg comes out of the ovary in to the fallopian tubes. So, when this happen in a lady, this is referred as she is ovulating. Ovulation usually takes place at mid of the cycle or at day 14 of the menstrual cycle in a 28 days cycle.
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Fertile means that you are able to concieve a child. No matter what age, what time of the month. You are either fertile or you are not.Ovulation Calculator is a easy and simple to use application to calculate the actual time of ovulation and determine the fertile period.

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