How Can Relax My Mind? Sometimes I Feel So Tense, Puzzled And Tired?


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There are several ways to relax your mind. One of the best ways is to sit down or lay down in a quiet room and do some breathing exercises. Let everything go in your mind and don't think about anything except something really good. When you have the thought in your head, begin to breathe deeply inward and hold it for seven seconds, then slowly exhale. Do this several times. For an added effect, you can add some soft music or nature sounds of some sort. The soft music or sounds will help you keep your mind focused. Try doing this about two to three times a day and you will soon see your mind relaxing. It may put you to sleep, but that is ok. Sleep tells you that your mind and body are relaxed enough to fall asleep.
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I have the same problem but now I can relax only need to breath in and out slowly and naturally and concentrate on your breathing.don't think anything else
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I recommend you hear some relaxation music which you can get from the site I found it accidently.You should register,to download the music.Registration is free.It is specially made for people who seek relaxation
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Got to calm places like spa resorts or cheap spa days and have their spa and massage services.
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Hi every one! I have the same problem since last one year, but now I can relax my mind easly just thing ing n doing the thing which I feel relax just a going on walk or writing my thoughts..
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I have the same problem, I agree that closing your eyes and concentrating on your breathing is helpful.  I also thought about why I felt this way in the first place - and it was mostly caused by other people - or worrying about other people - having a bit of "me" time always helps.
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If you were nervous or  angry  try boxing , you fell that  your stress is going out of you :P
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Sometimes, we are totally frustrated from our life. There
are so many ways to relax your mind. Some good tips are as follow:

Do Yoga daily for body.

Practice for meditation daily. Mediation helps
to remove stress and it enhance focus on our present moment.

Close your eyes for couple of minutes and take
deep breathes.

For relaxing your body, take a warm bath.

Take right decisions.

Clear bad thought’s from your mind.

When you feel anxiety, go to your trustable
friend and talk with him/her.

Maintain your diet.

Don’t to be puzzled and irritate on every

Read Stories books.

Over thinking kills your positive thinking, so
avoid doing this.

Take 8 hours sleep daily.

Listen to relax music.

For more relaxing quotes and inspiring music

visit here

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