If i can't walk after workout what does it mean?


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Hi, usually you can expect to experience some pain after a workout, and it really does depend on the workout you have been doing. 

If you have been mainly training your legs with weights for example, then you commonly have what is known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

DOMS is usually experienced after strenuous exercise and takes the form of a dull pain in the area of the muscles you targeted during your exercise routine.

It can also be a warning that you are overworking your muscles if it is persistent, best to have it checked out by a professional if you are concerned.

This page has some great advice on how to ease the pain:

This video may help you as well:

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Arthur Wright answered

Youre doing something wrong like youre over working yourself here so slow down a bit and see if that helps. No pain, no gain isn't always the best motto to go by

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Jorge Gonzales answered

This is a common problem that occurs after weight training. I've even
seen people walking backwards down stairs due to the pain from their
hard leg workout. So rest assured... You're not alone!

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Tom Jackson answered

So, to begin the diffeential diagnosis, could you walk before you started working out?

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Michael Poland answered

Try something new, try Yoga.

Its not what most think it is.

Reverse your center of gravity.

Yoga for life, but only if you want

to live longer.

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