Sometimes When I Walk The Arch Of My Foot Twiches Or "Pops". It Hurts And I Can't Walk Properly. Why Does This Happen?


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I have been suffering from the same problem.  I recently started playing basketball and I strained the tendon on the bottom of my foot.  It hurt for a couple of days and then the pain went away.  Now when I walk my injured tendon will "pop" right in the center of my arch.  It doesn't hurt as much as it is just uncomfortable.  I tried resting it but it seems to give me more trouble when I sit down for a long time and then start walking.  I hope someone has a remedy because it is very annoying.
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You could possibly have a broken bone. If it is painful go to your family doctor, he may try a few methods to help to strengthen your foot muscles. Thank you. tina

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