My penis is very little, it sits inside of me and when I get hard it''s only about an inch or 2. I'm 16, is this normal?


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Katie Marie answered

it's normal for Irish boys.

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Dishun Wilson , i dont know, answered

i do not know if it is normal for that to happen for a dude, but this is a first for me. Maybe you should try a doctor or getting some pills of some sort or something. More than likely it may not grow unless you get help for your doctor or someone you can trust that you will help you foreal.

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Brian Scott answered

I think that's a condition called Micropenis, I saw it on a TV show called embarrassing bodies. It can be a medical problem, so you should see a doctor about it

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If you have not hit puberty yet or in the first stage of puberty that is probably why.

If not then I don't know

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