I'm a girl and i was wondering could i be pregnant because me and my girlfriend had sex and I've been craving food I don't usually eat and my stomach hurts really bad and I've been having mood swings. Thoughts?


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Uhhh. I'm sorry, you're a girl having sex with another girl and you're worried that you might be pregnant??

I don't think you're ready to be having any sex until you understand the basics of human biology. How old are you???

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she probably has missprinted, and the described above symptoms may actually be the signs
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First of all I will suggest you to take pregnancy test . It very easy go to any medicine store [ pharmacy] and buy a pregnancy test gadget and test own your own. There must be a manual guide to learn more how to use .

And second as you said you're a girl and you had sex with your girlfriend that's mean she is girl too. So there is no possibility to get pregnant . Why there is no chance ? Because an pregnancy ussaly happened after a sex with a male . Becuase

Getting pregnant (conception) happens when a man’s sperm fertilises a woman’s egg. Read more

So I think there is no chance .

If you feel sick you must take some medicine and for sure must visit a doctor . I think its your health disorder there is nothing to do having sex with your gf and those are not a pregnancy symptoms.

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You getting preg unheard of. You may be worked up an appetite.

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