I've Just Finished My Period A Week Ago And Now I've Started Again But This Time My Stomach Really Hurts And I'm Really Bloated, Have I Had A Miscarriage Or Could I Be Pregnant?


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I'm going through the same thing, I had a period Jan 15 had sex Jan 23 started bleeding lightly after that for a week w/ bloating & cramps in pelvic area. On Feb 9th started bleeding again, this time scary heavy. Took a pregnancy test b/c period came early, had neg result. Went to hospital they gave me a test,which came back neg, and the er doc told me I was just having a period. They did a pelvic exam still no sign of pregnancy, Now on Feb 25th I have a positive test. Waiting to see doc cause I'm confused as to when I got pregnant. Give it some time & test yourself again good luck

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