If My Breast Are Aching Real Bad And My Boyfriend Has Been Coming In Me Everytime We Have Sex Could I Be Pregnant?


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Liz Harvey answered
Maybe.... Or you could just have sore breasts..... The best way to tell if your pregnant is by a pregnancy test. You can get them at drugstores.
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Mark answered
Gee,  you think? Get a test at the drugstore and while your there get some condoms.
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Danielle commented
I didn't ask you to tell me to get some condoms because I'm trying to get pregnant for your info honey...... And it's about to soon to take A test......
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Well, if your not pregnant now,  you'll never get pregnant.

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Johanna answered
Are you on any birth control? Cause if not and he is coming in you everytime there is a huge chance your preg.

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