I used crack cocaine today i have a drug test in 6 days if i stop now and drink a bottle of detox and drink water will i pass? Please help


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It is normal for cocaine to stay in the body for 72 hours, if you only use cocaine once, its expected to show up in urine tests for 1-3 days, however if you are a regular user, it can show up in urine tests for up to 12 weeks. Crack cocaine can also be retained in your hair for up to 3 months

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It is out of your system in 4 days, I know from experience, I get tested every 2 weeks. Anything less, and you will fail.

People say weight and how much you exercise has an impact on how long coke stays in your body, but truth is there's not that much different. Just try to regulate when you do cocaine, like the best time is when you've just taken a test because you have a whole week before retesting.

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