I need to quit smoking because my girlfriend doesn't like the smell of cigarettes. My problem is I can't easily quit it and I don't have any idea how to. Has anyone here experienced quitting smoking?


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There's a whole industry based around trying to help people quit smoking, so I suspect there isn't really one simple answer that is going to get you off cigarettes over-night.

However, I would say the #1 tactic to stick to is to avoid temptation.

It's MUCH harder than it sounds, but basically try and prevent yourself from so much as seeing someone smoking. It's the visual and scent cues that are often very hard to get over.

For example, even watching a TV show where the characters smoked a lot meant I fell off the wagon. And if you're hanging around with people that are constantly popping outside for a smoke, you are going to find temptation very hard to ignore.

So really try your best to avoid these situations. It's not always practical, but it's what worked for me!

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I stopped,  cold turkey,  smoking Dec 14, 2012. So tell yourself you can do it. Just think the money you will be saving..your health will improve

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Lard Ass
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I didn't have much trouble with it thankfully!
Cyber Tooth Tiger
That's good:) i saw what smoking did to my family members that's why i am making the choices i did i decided it wasn't worth it !
Lard Ass
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You're right! I work as a nurse and have seen all the nasty effects smoking has later in life.....glad I decided to quit! Glad you did too!
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There are electronic ones that emit mist instead of smoke. They're still bad, but just avoid using paper ones.

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That's a good way to reduce the nicotine amounts and slowly quit smoking altogether. However, now they saying that some of the chemicals in E-Cigs are just as harmful. Go figure !

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