What Causes The Heart To Beat Very Fast At Odd Times Apart From Exercise?


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The reasons other than exercise that can get the heart rate to increase are stress, excitement, anxiety, anger or rage, fear etc. These are emotional states that result in the release of adrenalin into the blood stream and get the heart beating faster. For the mind it is in these conditions that the body is ready for action or anticipating physical activity that it starts pumping blood.

The medical condition by which people suffer irregular and recurring episodes of the heart beating fast is known as arrhythmia. If these episodes are pretty frequent it is best to seek a medical opinion as in certain categories of people based on age and health, it can result into complications. This condition of Arrhythmias can be a result of the heart becoming weakened due to age, previous heart disease or hear attacks, medication, high blood pressure, alcohol consumption, diabetes etc.
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How fast should your heart beat during and after sex? How fast is to fast after sex?
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Any amount of strenuous activity like exercise, running, sex, climbing up a flight of stairs, lifting a heavy load etc can cause the heart-beat to run faster than normal. The fast beating of the heart is dependent on the body's need for oxygen rich blood. The sino-atrial node (SA node), located in the right atrium portion, is the heart's very own pacemaker. When you are relaxed, the SA node makes your heart beat at 50-100 times per minute. Any amount of exercise can increase your heart-beat for want of oxygen.

Virtually any exercise will cause your heartbeat to increase faster than usual. However refrain from aiming too high. Get your heartbeat to a minimum level for the aerobic activity. Use the talk test: if you are able to speak comfortably (and not gasping for breath!) while exercising, that means you are doing fine.

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