How Can I Slow Down My Heart Beat?


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There are three main ways to slow down your heart rate: By taking exercise, making the heart more efficient, by taking drugs or medication, and by meditation. (However, as with all medical matters, you must seek advice from a medical professional before doing any of these).

It may sound paradoxical to say "take more exercise”, especially if you are experiencing a fast heart beat or find that your heart rate goes up with exertion.  But the heart is worked by muscles like any other part of the body and the more efficient it is, the less work it has to do.  Athletes typically find that because they exercise regularly, their resting heart rate comes down considerably from the norm.

For a healthy adult, the typical heart rate while at rest is around 60 to 80 beats per minute.  Rates below 60 beats per minute are called bradycardia ("slow heartbeat”) and rates above 100 beats per minute are called tachycardia ("fast heart beat”).  Athletes may have heart rates of 50, 40 or even 30 beats per minute because their heart muscles have become so efficient through exercise.

There are drugs that can slow your heart beat but these should be taken only when prescribed by a physician. However, there are also common foods and drinks that can increase your heart rate and you can avoid these.  The most obvious is the caffeine that is present in tea, coffee and some soft drinks like Coke.

The classic method of reducing your heart rate naturally is through meditation.  There are many different forms, originating from many of the world’s religious or philosophical traditions.  Most of them involve sitting or lying quietly in a quiet space, away from the noise and bustle of everyday life, relaxing, breathing slowly, and emptying the mind of troublesome thoughts.  The meditative trance is very much like the state just before you go to sleep and hence is very relaxing.
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A high pulse rate is an indication of tension and stress. In medical terms, it is called blood pressure. One should get treatment for rising blood pressure from a doctor. The doctor may also advise some other source to maintain pressure at normal levels. One may also experience an increase in pulse rate when one feels fearful or anxious.
The best techniques to keep you cool are yoga and meditation and deep breathing.

The moment you feel a high pulse, take a deep breath in. Do this slowly and it should be a full breath. As you do this your stomach comes out. This is the right way to breath. Then, slowly release the breath. Practice this deep breathing technique whenever you feel a high pulse. You can feel the tension dissolving in six deep breaths. If you need to relax more, then sit still and concentrate on some point. You can start with a short period of two minutes and then go on increasing the time span. There are also physical postures that one can learn from a yoga trainer.
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To slow down the heartbeat, there is only way. It may or may not work for all the people but it is the only way to slow down the heartbeat. You just need to hold your breath for a short period of time of 5-10 seconds. This will help to relax you and your breath.

Holding the breath does not mean to hold your breath by closing your mouth and nose. It simply means to hold your breath when you inhale and release after a gap of 10 seconds instead of releasing immediately. This should be able to work to slow down your heart beat. When you exhale, you should exhale slowly and deeply.
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I don't know, just listen to Nicki Minaj, her horrible music will make your heart stop beating altogether

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How fast is it? Historically, how does it compare? Have you checked it 'before' you eat?  Sorry to ask questions against your questions but it's more likely you'll find your answer in 'why is it going fast'?  For the record I slow my heart down by holding my breath, after taking a deep breath, and exhale very slowly. I mention food because a simple food allergy can make it race. I believe insufficient fluids as well.
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Relaxation techniques are always good. There are some good cd's where a voice helps you practice relasation, one if by Dr. Bernstein he is pretty good, check the web, key in relaxation techiniques in google and you can search, they may offer several options where you can order either tapes, cd's etc. Soft music always helps, much of the classical baroque music is wonderful especially Bach
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Take your pulse and then take deep breaths, wile your doing that make them really deep by, with your hand, pushing on your upper belly just below your ribs. Then hold your breath for about 15 sec. My heart beat was up at about 110bpm for no  reason awile ago and this worked. Don't forget to cheak your pulse now and again, you may have to go to a doc. To see if you have a rythem problem
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Try to breathe slowly and relax your muscles. Stay in this position, and let your heart rate to slow down at its own pace. Find a print or a picture of something that makes you feel relaxed.

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Slow down your physical activity and don't drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol. These make your rate go up
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I'm a nurse so I do know how to take a pulse and what it should be. But
when I donate it runs high. I need to know if there is something I can
take or do before donating.
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Agree with the first guy. Sex has nothing to do with this so don't listen to what the last guy said. Have as much sex as you want lol
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I would say by taking slow breaths and calming your self because you can get over excited about somethings that will make your heart beat really fast.
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I think so there is only one way to slow down the heartbeat and it was the medicines and no other way stop doing nonscense things and stay away from sex and other metarials its very dangerous thing and be respected to others and stay a cool men and stop drinking coca and pepsi this things are also very dangerious for the heart eat healty food like beryani ect and specially don't drink tea too much inshallah your heart beat will become normal

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