Is Taking Diuretics The Best Way To Decrease Edema?


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Taking diuretics is a pharmacological management to treat edema but you can manage it by other means such as monitoring strictly your intake and output of fluids and salt. Elevation of the affected extremeties, decrease intake of sodium rich foods or salty foods will also help reduce edema.
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Edema is a noticeable bulge formed in the body due to fluid accumulation. This is usually seen in the legs and feet area. The fluid accumulates in the tissue spaces outside of the blood vessels. You can also call these spaces interstitial compartments.

Diuretics are medical drugs that increase the discharge of urine. Administering diuretics has often been observed to cure the edema. You may consult with your doctor more on this, but the loop diuretics are known to be useful diuretics in alleviating the edema. These are known to work on the loop of Henle, the kidney tubules that maintain water and salt balance. You can take the doses either orally or intravenously. There are also other diuretics like hydrocholorthiazide and metazone. When diuretics work at different places in the kidney in synchronization, the response is greater than with individual diuretics. However please note that intake of diuretics can make the body lose a lot of potassium in the urine. This can be compensated by taking potassium supplement or potassium rich food like tomatoes, potatoes, some fruits and orange juice.

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