Besides The Known Drugs What Are Other Harmless, Legal Ways Of Getting High?


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I don't know that anything that makes you high is going to be harmless.

As far as legal, salvia divinorium can give you a legitimate trip. Some states are starting to regulate it, so you may want to check first. I know that DE is one of those states.

Check out if you haven't. They list just about every drug with any type of mind altering effect (heroin to piracetam to cacti) with lots of details and user submitted experience write-ups.
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You might consider giving ZoHai a try, they have 3 herbal blends which all do just what your after. Google it, and you will find it easily.
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There is no harmless, legal way to get high. Anytime you are intoxicated to any degree, you are harming yourself and could cause harm to others while you're intoxicated. Getting high is an abnormal state of the body; it is never harmless regardless of the substance used. Even though substances have been used to create a euphoric high since before recorded history, ALL substances, legal or illegal, cause harm to your body and can even cause eventual death.

For example, if you decide to "huff" an inhalant, you can go into any store and buy glue, nail polish remover or any similar product; these are legal items. However, since inhaling such chemicals cut off the oxygen supply to your brain, the first time you huff can be your last; you could die of asphyxiation (lack of oxygen). You will definitely suffer from brain damage. Looking for a harmless, legal drug to get high just isn't going to happen - there are no safe, legal ways to get high.
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Actually, there are two ways that I know of that don't involve imbibing any substances. Number one is called a Dreamachine. You can find information on it here: and you can learn how to make one here: can also read this article (at ) and, under the one titled "Hallucinate Like You Just Took LSD, Legally," find an even easier method.

The good thing about these methods is that their effects are short-lived and can be removed by simply opening your eyes. Now, I haven't tried either of these methods (yet), but I know the second one has worked in the past (it's a method of sensory deprivation which has been used widely for centuries). Good luck and have fun!

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